Jerome Walker

Jerome Walker is a father of two and a grandfather of three.  While currently serving a 23 years ... Read more

Mark Thompson

Mark “AZ” Thompson has spent the thirty-eight years of his incarceration consistently growing ... Read more

An Indeterminate Life

An Indeterminate Life was performed at Auburn Correctional Facility in April of 2014.  It was PPTG’s third public performance and …

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Maximum Will

Maximum Will was performed in April of 2012 and was PPTG’s second public performance.  Michael wanted the group to tackle …

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A new poem by Ray

In PROMPTITUDE RIPPLES, Raymond Vanclief explores, in an abstract poem,  some of the changes he’s experiencing.

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Interview with PPTG Members

This unedited interview with Demetrius Molina, Raymond Vanclief, Phil Miller (now released), Michael Rhynes and David Bendezu was provided to …

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