Jerome Walker

Jerome Walker is a father of two and a grandfather of three.  While currently serving a 23 years ... Read more

Tyreek Williams

Tyreek Williams is currently serving a twenty-one year prison sentence in Auburn Correctional ... Read more

Mark Thompson

Mark “AZ” Thompson has spent the thirty-eight years of his incarceration consistently growing ... Read more

Demetrius Molina

Demetrius Molina headshot

Demetrius Molina, in his ninth year of incarceration, is thrilled to return to PPTG for a fifth ... Read more

Nathan Powell

Nathan Powell headshot

Nate was drawn to this theatre group by a fierce need to witness.  There is a HUGE GAP between ... Read more

Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts, a near graduate of Syracuse University, completed his bachelor’s from a cell in ... Read more

Raymond Van Clief

Raymond Van Clief headshot

Mr. Van Clief was born and raised in Mt. Vernon, New York. He graduated from Albany High school ... Read more