Larry Greene (Now Residing at Cayuga Correctional Facility)

Larry, 25,  is from Queens, NY. He chose to have one of his poems, “The Relationship,” displayed on his bio page.


All aboard on the relationship
Are you sure you want to take this trip?
What is your relation to this ship?
Are you crew, captain Cruz
or is this just a short term cruise?

When you start tripping it is because of the crew?
The crew says ‘it is dreams for sails’
Now I am afraid to sail…
I am sold!

But… is it me… or… though I seem so sure
as I seem on shore… though the ship seems safe
so is the sure as the love is deep,
love aint painless.. love is so dangerous…
The captain of the titanic loved his ship
He died as it sank for the love of it

I hope that your relation to this ship
is not just crew, but captain Cruiz
A voyage, not a short term cruise

Can you reassure that the ship is secure?
As I stand on the shore, where I am sure it is safe
If it sinks, what If we never make it to the shore

Damn, I sound so insecure
Pessimism is a bore
If the ship is not built for war
Catch your breath and swim some more