Nathan Powell (Released May, 2018)

Nate was drawn to this theatre group by a fierce need to witness.  There is a HUGE GAP between the idea of “criminal” and “Prison” and “Justice” and their reality.  Communicating the facets of this truth is not easy but this GAP is where inhumanity, brutality, falsehood and racism breed.  Awareness can bridge this GAP and witnessing truth is a vital link to understanding and positive change.

During his incarceration, Nathan became a facilitator for AVP (Alternative to Violence Program) and YAP (the Youth Assistance Program).  He was elected vice president and treasurer of the Logan Jaycees (a convict organization involved with charity groups in many New York neighborhoods).   He is a proud member of the Cornell Prison Education Program where he has earned a degree as well as a certificate in journalism.  A living example of the transformative power of PPTG, Nate firmly believes in putting compassion first.