Audience response to MAXIMUM WILL

It was excellent! I loved the personal stories intermixed with Shakespeare

I was inspired by the courage of the actors in putting on such a personal performance and opening their stories to outsiders. The interpretation of Shakespeare was unique and revealing.

It was a wonderful performance and a pretty incredible experience. I was born and raised in Auburn, though I lived away for almost twenty years before returning ten years ago. Last night was my very first time to go inside ACF. And to go inside for my very first time to see PPTG do what they did last night, well, Michael said it all when he explained that the prison is a world within a world. Indeed. Plays within plays, people within people, worlds within worlds.

As someone who has studied theater, it was refreshing to see a performance back to the roots of theater. You don’t need much more than actors, a space, and raw materials for a fantastic production and last night proved that. As the men were performing their scenes and personal stories it was apparent that they were internalizing every word and using Shakespeare’s characters to find their own voice. I have seen some wonderful productions of Shakespeare but the passion that these men expressed through the words was unlike anything I had seen before. I loved the fluidity of the piece and how well all of the pieces fit together. It was an incredibly eye opening experience and I hope one day I get to produce theater that is this moving.


It was very unique and powerful and surprising pleasant too. I thought it was brilliant to have the men’s story of crime cloaked in Shakespeare!

I found the extremely moving, and I left feeling emotionally drained from such a powerful experience.

An incredible, humanizing experience.