Blaize Emily Hall

Blaize Emily Hall is a recent grad of Ithaca College.  She currently resides in Manhattan where she is pursuing a career in acting.    From Vermont,  she misses the mountains and gorges of Ithaca but loves the city so far, wants to do more volunteer theater, encourages everyone to see a PPTG performance.

Working with PPTG was quite possibly the highlight of my college career.  These men are so talented, inspired, warm-hearted, and caring.  I never felt like I was in a prison when we were all rehearsing together.  They pushed me to grow and dig deep to learn about myself, something I was not expecting.  They offered me one of the safest places I’ve found to explore as an actress and as a person.  I consider each of them a dear friend and love that we  keep in touch!  I fully believe in the mission and the people of PPTG and only hope more will soon see the redemptive power of this group.