Jamie Lewis

I became involved with PPTG through a documentary film class that I took 3 years ago. Early on, I learned of an opportunity to work with Professor Bruce Levitt on a project about a theatre troop functioning in a nearby correctional facility. I was very curious to see how the men in PPTG were developing their craft in such a unique environment. Over the course of 5 months, we traveled to Auburn weekly to film the sessions and ultimately the final performance. While I was interacting with and getting to know the men, it became clear that the ultimate purpose of the group was less about craft and more about therapy. Acting gave the members of the group a new and powerful way to inwardly reflect on their individual circumstances. Furthermore, it offered a literal stage for the men to share the results of this reflection publicly. My ultimate take away from meeting and filming Kenny, Dee, Shane, Michael, and David over the course of 5 months, is that the power of self-reflection exists regardless of one’s personal circumstances.