Joseph Triska

Joseph Triska is a filmmaker and software developer whose work centers around transformation of place, person and feeling. On film, he enjoys working in documentary, as well as short narrative fiction, influenced by his experience in both computer science and theater. In software, he enjoys developing augmented and virtual reality focused applications emphasizing new ways of social and human-computer interaction.

 I count the lucky time I spent with the people of PPTG (both participants and facilitators) as a defining time in my life. I entered Auburn Correctional Facility knowing very little of what to expect, although I had been assured that the inmates were good students, and dedicated to their craft. Great stone and iron walls on all four sides hardly put me at ease, and I hardly felt like I was in a place where magic could happen. Yet when I stepped into the small elementary school-esque classroom, I found something we sometimes forget sits inside places like this maximum security penitentiary: people. Not prisoners, poets, writers, or artists–although they were all of these things and more–but human beings. Human beings striving to transform themselves through theater, and in the process changing my perspective on myself, them, our prison system, and society as a whole. Before I get too far out, though, I’ll simply say that I truly enjoyed the conversations, theater games, happy moments, and sometimes painful moments with the people at PPTG, and would wish them many more curtain calls.