Joshua Mensah

Joshua Mensah currently attends Cornell University and plans to graduate in 2018 with a BA in Government. At Cornell, Joshua has acted both in Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts and in the community. Joshua has also performed clarinet in a number of events on his campus. Joshua was exposed to PPTG through performing in Human Again, a Bruce Levitt directed presentation of PPTG’s work. Joshua feels honored to have had the opportunity to learn and communicate the message of men who are incarcerated. Even though he had not met the Phoenix Players before the performance, Human Again indeed humanized the creators behind the works for Joshua. Thanks to Human Again, Joshua has learned more about the need to address the human facet of solving social phenomena. Joshua prays that the men of PPTG continue to strive for “redemption” and that their supporters continue to spread PPTG’s message.