Judy Levitt

Judy Levitt joined the PPTG family as a facilitator in the fall of 2011 and is extremely grateful to have been welcomed into this group of explorers of the human spirit. She has been teaching Acting at Ithaca College since 1988 and holds an M.A. in Theatre from the University of Kansas Theatre. Subsequent actor training was with Michael Howard of the Michael Howard Studios in New York City.

Judy was a founding member of the Cornell Interactive Theatre Ensemble (C.I.T.E.), which performs for a number of different organizations, including academic institutions, corporations, service and government agencies — exploring issues of diversity in the work place. Under the auspices of C.I.T.E. she has also worked extensively with the Child Protective Services Training Institute, both as an actor and as a director — training social workers to go into the field and investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect.

She counts among her most rewarding acting experiences performing alongside the men of PPTG in “Maximum Will” and “An Indeterminate Life”. Judy is honored beyond measure to be in the presence weekly of these courageous men who have dedicated themselves to creating something positive in an overwhelmingly negative environment.