Juliana Kliest-Mendez

Currently living in New York City, Juliana works at a public charter school in Brooklyn. Along with teaching 5th, 6th, and 7th grade reading, she is in charge of school Joy, where she plans events to increase student investment in learning. She hopes to continue her passion for theatre by directing in her spare time. In her daily life, she often thinks about the lesson she learned in PPTG: that respecting someone else’s humanity is the most basic thing we can do for one another, but is often the most difficult.

Juliana worked with PPTG in the spring of 2011. Her favorite part of working with the group was the open and accepting space they actively worked  (and continue)to create.  She remembers feeling nervous that she would have nothing to share. But, when she received honest and supportive feedback after reciting her first work-in-progress, her nerves evaporated and she knew that this was truly a special group. Since their first performance, Juliana has seen the group evolve. They are continuously working to tirelessly hone their acting and writing craft. But, what has not changed is their dedication to making PPTG a place where all are welcome to simply exist as themselves.