Michael Shane Hale*(Now residing at Sing Sing Correctional Facility)

A founding PPTG member, no longer residing in Auburn.

Michael Shane Hale was a Cornell Prison Education Program 
Member beginning in 2007.  “Shane” received his Associates degree in 2012. He was one of PPTG’s 
founding members in 2009, and stayed with the group until 2013, when he requested a transfer to another prison so he could pursue his B.A. degree.  He was the  unofficial “historian” for PPTG, collecting important documents and keeping notes on individual sessions.  “Shane” performed in both Inside/Out and Maximum Will.  Although he wrote pieces for An Indeterminate Life and rehearsed with the group for the performance, he was transferred to another facility just a few days before the performance in May of 2014.

PPTG affects my sense of purpose by actually giving me space to have a purpose and meaning.  To be able to share my enthusiasm and gifts with this group affirms me as a whole person and not a prison caricature.