My shinning star

Our latest Blog Post features Ray’s poem about his daughter.  It is further testimony to the fact that the men of PPTG are more than their crimes and that their “identities” extend far beyond the label “granted” them by society as “criminals.”  They are fathers, sons, husbands and brothers.  The men of PPTG try their best to honor those relationships and maintain them during their incarceration.

In my daughters’ eyes; the intensity gleams,

With all her life manifest through dreams.

A bright light for all to be seen;

She shows it off with the purest beam.

If an angel fell from the sky;

It’ll be a pale comparison to my daughters’ eyes.

A jewel to be observed even when you’re blind;

Her piercing gaze penetrates your mind.

Feel the warmth through every smile;

A parents’ love will show you how.


In my daughters’ eyes, she exemplifies me

With vivid colors throughout our family tree.

A combination of you and me,

The best of both worlds, as the best can be.

Transforming each soul and setting it free;

Naïve to the world but not exceedingly.

One day to be queen; to her noble King;

‘Till that day come; she’s in her infancy,

My princess, my all, my everything.


In my daughters’ eyes; where I brought tears,

It saddens her that Dads’ not there.

Seldom can I hear her great concerns or candid fears;

Although through the years; my burden she bears.

Her innocent eyes justifies why I remain clear,

So in her heart I will always be near.


In my daughters’ eyes; where my world begins;

Her curiosity hides great intelligence.

A celestial star, to my earthly tint,

The last of a good thing,

Before things End.


My Shining Star