Na’cir’s Google Search

May 20, 2014 | Leroy Lebron Taylor and Sandra Oyeneyin

Leroy performed with Sandra, who worked with PPTG during the 2013-14 academic year.  This selection, the first of two duets that they performed together, Sandra played the part of Leroy’ son, Na’cir. The dialogue is taken from an actual phone call Leroy had with his the eleven year old son. Leroy asked Na’cir’s permission to us the piece in performance.

Na’cir: Hello.

Dad (Indian accent): ‘Ello Na’cir how are you today my son? I am fine myself. So, are you playing Playstation or are you on the computer this afternoon?

Na’cir: You sound really convincing Dad. I am not on the game or on the computer—I’m eating a subway sub.

Dad (Southern accent): Mmmmm, what kind of sub are you munching on today? Oh wait lemme guess. Probably turkey with black olives and green peppers. Yes, I know what you like to eat on your subs—no tomatoes either.

Na’cir: You’re right except you forgot lettuce, mayo, and…

Dad: Vinegar and oil with light salt and pepper.

Na’cir: Okay, Dad . . . I have to tell you something.

Dad: Okay, what’s up.

Na’cir: Remember I told you I wanted to know why you’re in there and you always tell me when I get older—well you told me that years ago and I’m older now.

Dad: Yeah…you are older now, but I want to tell you about it in person on a visit—preferably on a trailer visit where we can have some privacy.

Na’cir: Did you shoot someone dad?

Dad: What? Who told you that????

Na’cir: Dad I looked you up on Google.

Dad: What???
{Extremely perturbed heartbeat increases}
You did?? When??

Na’cir: They were talking about you shot someone and went on a high-speed car chase or something crazy like that. Was that you?

Dad: Na’cir, yes it’s me they’re talking about.

Na’cir: Why did you do that?

Dad: Na’cir…listen that was not me. Well, it was me but I was not my regular self at the time. I was out of my mind like in some crazy state of mind it is hard to explain, especially on the phone. This is way I want to get our trailer visits back so we can sit down and really talk. But just know that you never have to bear my burden and what I did does not reflect any way on you.

Na’cir: Dad I’ll never be that crazy to do something like that.

Dad: I know you won’t and I want you to learn from my bad decisions and see how I have learned from the wrongs and have made changes to be a much better man, please remember how much I love you and that no one can tell you about your Dad because you know me for yourself. I’m glad you asked me about this for yourself, you are definitely older now. I’m sorry, son.

Na’cir: I love you Dad and I know you are a better person because I can’t even imagine you any other way than the Dad I know.

Operator (interrupting): You have 60 seconds left for your call.