Nathan Breton

Nathan is a film producer and director based in Brooklyn, NY.  He currently works full time at a Manhattan-based advertising agency in their production department as an Associate Producer, managing and producing client-based film & digital projects from start to finish.  On the side, he collaborates with friends on various projects ranging from short films to spec commercials while pursuing his long term goal of being a fiction director.  Nathan enjoys playing piano, running, and vegetarian cooking.

While a Junior at Ithaca College, Nathan’s acting teacher Judy Levitt began to talk in class about PPTG and the impact it was having on her.  Later that semester, Nathan’s lighting professor Andy Watts approached him about making a documentary of PPTG.  Having been intrigued from Judy’s accounts and wanting to experience it in person, Nathan worked in the documentary crew as the sound recordist and an interview camera operator.  Then in the Spring 2014, he edited the short film documenting the group.  Several months later in the summer under direction of Andy Watts, Nathan worked in Ithaca for the month of August editing the feature length version of the documentary.  

PPTG has deepened Nathan’s interest, understanding, and puzzlement of humanity’s approach to helping one another and itself.  He is incredibly grateful for the time he spent with the members of PPTG and the stories they imparted during that time.  He is honored by the opportunity to be involved in telling the stories of those whose voices are forgotten and never heard.  He struggles with the knowledge he’s gained of the human condition in prisons, and hopes to continue making content that aids our society’s system of incarceration.