Photos: An indeterminate life

Photos from rehearsals and the performance of the May 2014 performance of An Indeterminate Life

After the performance of Maximum Will and the reflections on that experience that followed,  the group continued to train together, and new members Nate, Demetrius and Leroy were invited to join.  During the training Shane and Bruce kept notes that later served as the basis for some of the pieces in An Indeterminate Life.  Over one hundred events, stories and scenes were gathered.  Six months before performance, Sandra and Blaize joined the group, along with Nick. Judy would again perform in the new piece as she had in Maximum Will.  Each member of the group  was asked to name those two or three pieces that were their favorites from each of the other individuals.  Then each member of  the group selected his/her own favorite two or three pieces.  These pieces were then developed for another two months and then the same process was repeated so that the script would end up being about ninety minutes in length.  The theme that emerged centered on incarceration–from arrest to separation from family; from visits to phone calls;  from neighborhood to imprisonment.