Photos: Maximum Will

Photos from rehearsals, discussions and performance of 2012’s Maximum Will.

Michael suggested that the second performance piece be rooted in Shakespeare.  After looking through dozens of soliloquies the men choose two or three that resonated with them.  Over twenty weeks the group worked on understanding the texts and acquiring the craft necessary to perform Shakespeare.  At this point, Bruce suggested that the men write reflective pieces inspired by their selections or the selections of others in the group.  The original texts were then interwoven with the material taken from Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets.  The resulting piece was performed in April of 2012.  During the creation of the performance, many conversations were prompted by both themes found in Shakespeare and the content of the original writings.  The creation of Maximum Will, its performance, and several sessions after the performance make up the over seventy hours of the documentary about PPTG.  These photos are screen shots from the film footage.  For more on the film, see the short clips found under the video section or the Sizzle Reel of Maximum Will.