Photos from: The Strength of Our Convictions: The Auburn Redemption

This piece was performed on May 24, 2018.  The photos below were taken by Peter Carroll during the performance.

The video of the performance can be seen on the site here:

Demetrius performs “Blame”/Conspiracy Theory with Sheldon accompanied by Robert’s beat boxing.  It was the first time that “Fourth” generation members, Mark, Robert and Jerome had performed with PPTG.  These three are the latest members to have gone through PPTG’s two-year process of training, exploration and creation. This was the fifth time PPTG performed for an invited audience of eighty civilians.  It was also the last performance for facilitators Chris Seeds, Nick Fesette, and Mary Rolland. Seeds and Fesette completed their Ph.D. degrees and took faculty positions at University of California, Irvine and Oxford College in Georgia respectively.  Rolland decided to resign as a volunteer to pursue assisting PPTG in other avenues.  Both student volunteers who appeared with PPTG in “Strength”, Jack Press and Elise Czuchna, graduated from Cornell shortly after the performance.


Walker Performs “Words”


Adam performs “Doc” Jelly.