Sandra Oyeneyin

Sandra Oyeneyin volunteered with the Phoenix Players Theatre Group in the spring of 2014. She first learned about the group through Bruce Levitt as part of her thesis research on prison theatre. During the spring show, “An Indeterminate Life,” Sandra played Leroy’s son in the pieces “Na’cir’s Google Search” and “A Step-Dad? No Way!” She also performed in her own piece,¬†“Sister Sandra,” alongside Leroy who played her younger brother.¬†Having the opportunity to rehearse with, talk to, and perform with the men of PPTG was the highlight of her undergraduate career. The experience not only taught her about the justice system, but also how important it is for one to take control of their own transformation. Sandra is extremely grateful to PPTG for allowing her to join the family and share her story. See a chapter from Sandra’s honor’s thesis on PPTG.