Scripts and Performances

The Phoenix Players Theater Group has produced five full-length performances.  The first, Inside/Out was based on autobiographical memories surrounding childhood and growing up and was performed in April of 2011. 

The second piece, Maximum Will, combined soliloquies, sonnets and short scenes from Shakespeare with original reflective pieces written by the men in response to the Shakespeare texts being used in the piece.  Maximum Will was performed in April of 2012.

PPTG’s third presentation again returned to autobiographical pieces culled from stories and improvisations that occurred in the weekly workshop.  The major stories that emerged centered on the theme of incarceration and its effect on the individual and families.  Titled An Indeterminate Life, it was performed in May of 2014.

PPTG’s fourth performance took place at Auburn Correctional Facility on May 12, 2016 with several new members performing for the first time.  Titled This Incarcerated Life: The Foundation of a Pipe Dream, it was also performed several weeks later for the men of the Cornell Prison Education Program–the first time PPTG had presented its work for others in the Auburn population.

On May 24th, 2018, PPTG performed its fifth original piece,  The Strength of Our Conviction:  The Auburn Redemption.

What are represented in this section are excerpts from each of the five pieces.   After Inside/Out, The Department of Corrections and Auburn Correctional Facility permitted a three-camera recoding of the latest four performances.  Those videos  can be accessed by clicking on the Scripts and Performances heading and selecting the “video” tab from the drop down menu. 

Script Excerpts