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David’s Farewell

June 18, 2016

David had become “medium eligible” months ago, meaning that he could be transferred to a medium security facility at any time.  On Wednesday, June 13th, David was sent to Fishkill Correctional Facility. Because someone being transferred is only notified the day before departure, there is not chance for in-person goodbyes. David is closer to home and family now and he may be able to pursue his BA degree  at Fishkill as he left Auburn with his Associates Degree from the Cornell Prison Education Program and a total of seventy-six college credits.  What follows is his short note of farewell that was read to the group on Friday evening, June 15th.

Dear PPTG: I wish I could be there to say good-bye, but life I guess has other plans. As a matter of fact, I do not wish to say good-bye. Good-bye means that I will never see you all again. Rather I wish I could be there physically to tell you all that I will forever keep you all in…... Read more