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The Phoenix Player’s Theatre Group has no funding sources of its own.  We rely on donations to a 501 © 3 organization run by our civilian facilitators.  SMALL DONATIONS ARE WELCOME!  We use funding to defray the following annual expenses currently supported by the facilitators, small grants and donors:

  • Domain Name, Web Hosting, Vimeo Storage and Web Master (annual fees):  $4000

  • Script typing and program printing (Biennial):  $1000
    Because PPTG members have access to typewriters and word processors but not computers, written pieces have to be re-typed into a Word program outside of the facility so edits and re-writes can be tracked and inserted efficiently. Programs are designed and printed for each performance.

  • Filming and post-production editing for our presentations (Biennial):  $7500
    Each PPTG production, along with the question and answer period following each presentation, is filmed and then edited by an approved crew from outside the facility.  DVD’s are then produced that can be disseminated to the public, as well as sent to the families and friends of PPTG members since family and friends are not permitted at the performances. The films are also posted to this website. Our next performance is in May of 2020.

  • Transportation, Filming and post-production for Prison Theatre class reflections (Biennial): $7500

All donations are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor–a registered 501(c)3.  If you prefer to donate via personal check, contact us and we’ll send you the necessary information.

  • Feature-Length Documentary: Following on the success of Human Again, the feature length documentary that focuses on the founding members of PPTG, a second documentary is now in the preliminary filming stages. This film will follow up on what has happened to PPTG since it’s founding members have been have been moved to other facilities. The film follows eleven of the current members, made up of second, third, fourth and fifth generations, as they pursue their transformation through the techniques developed by The Phoenix Players. The film also explores the interactions between PPTG members and students from the Prison Theatre Class.

    The film is budgeted at $107,000 for filming, editing and post-production.

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