Audience Responses to An Indeterminate Life

Watch An Indeterminate Life.

“This presentation was one of the most impressive, awe-inspiring events I have ever been to. I feel so lucky that I was able to be in the audience.”

“The pieces in “An Indeterminate Life” were at once poignant, unsettling, humorous, sad, loving, educational, and profoundly moving. Clearly the Phoenix Players Theatre Group gathers all of us – audience and performer – into “a community of transformation through the power of self-discovery.”

“The work these men put into the production, the openness with which they wrote and the willingness to act out/relive these experiences was beautiful.”

“I kept having to focus on the fact that these “actors” were telling their own story, that they were being held for unimaginable lengths of time away from all the joys of life.”

“It was not simply enjoyable, but it was edifying. I had preconceived notions about felons (is that the right term?) that were blown away in the first minutes. They turned abstractions into all too human beings.”

“I was totally absorbed by it—moved, sometimes amused, always admiring both the texts that the group had composed and the performances themselves.”

“I felt more human as a result of your sharing your humanity. I felt slightly lost as I left; not wanting to leave you there, not understanding how this place can be, even as I know quite well the how’s and the why’s of its existence. In the moment of making theatre we transcend place and time and coming back from that was painful this time. Even writing this I am struck by that same feeling and I have thought of you all many times since that night.”