Story of Words

May 20, 2014 | Demetrius Molina

Written and performed by Demetrius “Meat” Molina, inspired by Jonathan Nelson.  An Indeterminate Life was devised over a period of six months.  Pieces emerged from various training exercises and discussions among the men.

Showering drying dressing leaving.

Driving arriving walking standing waiting. 

Paying entering ordering drinking talking dancing drinking.

Buzzing laughing partying slurring drinking drinking.

Sensing seeing tensing grouping watching.

Waiting closing leaving avoiding warning yelling raging.

Pushing pushing swinging fighting.

Pulling aiming shooting screaming running shooting driving   speeding hiding.

Waiting hearing fearing disbelieving. 

Thinking regretting stressing blaming running hiding fearing. 

Crying praying pleading hoping. 

Packing leaving driving

stopped caught cuffed arrested.