The Judgement

April 19, 2012 | Efraim Diaz

Efraim “DE” Diaz wrote this piece in response to Hermione’s soliloquy in The Winter’s Tale. She has been falsely accused of adultery by her husband, Leontes, and must state her innocence before the royal court. “De” performed this piece immediately following Judy’s performance of the Hermione piece.

Arrested, arraigned, Indicted, tried, and convicted. Guilty 12 times was the verdict, with nothing else in their minds, but to go home before the weekend arrived.

This is a “travesty” cried the Singer. Order in the court said the Judge. Case adjourned until Sentencing. 22 Earth revolutions around the Sun plus life for a conviction that rested solely on the testimony of a well-known liar in search of personal gains. Nothing linking this lost soul to the crime—not a shred of evidence of any kind, be it physical, DNA, forensics, or any other witness testimony to corroborate the Demon’s attestations.

We move too set aside the verdict. “Denied . . .CPL440, Denied and Conviction affirmed.   Not to worry “doomed soul” we’ll appeal.

Direct appeal, denied, leave to appeal, denied.

Habeas Corpus timely submitted and filed. Magistrate Judge’s recommends “denial of petition.” Opposition to Judge’s recommendation filed. Error of Coram Nobis filed and denied by Appellate Division. Leave to Appeal denied “No interest of Justice.” Now the consolidation of all my cries, pleadings and sufferings.

Rubber-stamped and denied on a single technicality based on an error by the Judge’s rage overlooking and failing to review the complete application. C.O.A. timely filed and pending.

As this soulless figurine sits in his cell with a sore heart and aching knees, weeping as death slowly keeps on

creeping. Oh Limed Soul, struggling to be free, bow and persist to trouble the deaf heavens with bootless cries.

Have Mercy on my soul and grant me an opening to witness nurture, and see my seeds blossom like flowers in a rose garden.

Help Angles! Make right what is wrong.